Features to Include In Your Lakefront Home

Features to Include In Your Lakefront Home

  • Donna Brongiel
  • 06/8/23

Whether you’re planning to sell your Fontana luxury lakefront property or transform it into a rental vacation home, there are specific features you should implement beforehand. Lakefront homes are valued higher than standard residential properties, but buyers tend to look for certain aspects before they consider buying. Improve the appeal of your luxury lakefront property by incorporating these 12 must-have features.

Emphasize the view

The number one selling point for any lakefront property is the view. People buy these properties because they want to see the grandeur and beauty of Lake Geneva from almost every room in the home. Large, unobstructed windows are key to increasing the view, but you’d do well not to neglect the exterior landscaping. Overgrown grass, shrubbery, and trees especially pose a threat to your lake view. Have lawns and shrubs trimmed, and remove trees from areas that may obstruct the view.

An open floor plan

Another way to improve the visibility of Lake Geneva is by opting for an open floor plan. The fewer walls in the convivial areas of the home, the better. For example, imagine hosting a lavish dinner party where guests in your dining and living rooms may share in the beauty of the lake together. Nature is inherent to strengthening community ties. Reorganizing your home to deepen your connection to nature is essential to building rapport with your community as well. It’s a great way to understand the true appeal of living in a lakefront neighborhood.

Focus on outdoor areas

Lakefront homes are perfect for patios, decks, and other outdoor living areas. Furnish your outdoor spaces with patio furniture, decor, a television, and other comforts for a truly homey look. If you have an indoor-outdoor area overlooking the lake, focus on that space too. Lakefront homes invite people to partake in the outdoors, making these spaces an integral part of their charm.

Minimize reflection and glare

Massive bodies of water are notorious for having tons of reflection and glare, but lakefront homes are specially designed to mitigate this issue. These properties use professional-quality glass to minimize the reflection of sunlight. It’s also important to have shutters and blinds in case people need to adjust to a particularly bright and sunny day.

Lounge and patio furniture

As previously mentioned, you should invest in lounge and patio furniture with water-resistant fabric. If you’re close enough to the lake for a swim, consider investing in inflatable furniture as well — people love to float and relax on the lake.

A stone fire pit

Nothing brings people closer together than gathering around a bonfire and recounting old memories while making new ones. Invest in a fire pit, preferably a circular stone pit, for a true woodland aesthetic. Fire pits should be placed away from wooden decks and porches and somewhere with a clear view of the lake.

Plenty of outdoor lighting

Since people will be spending most of their time outdoors, installing outdoor lights is an absolute must. Some of the best areas for lighting placement include pathways, porch/deck railings, driveways, and around other structures on the property, such as the garage. A well-lit home always sells well, especially if the major selling point is enjoying the outdoors no matter the hour.

Fishing and beach equipment

The equipment a lakefront home needs is highly dependent on the lake itself. Is it stocked with fish? Does it have a beach? Lake Geneva is both stocked with fish and home to a few beaches, so you’ll need some fishing and beach gear just in case your guests or future homeowners are interested in these activities. In all likelihood, they are, given that the major appeal of a lakefront home is using the lake for recreational activity.

A dock for personal boats

Aside from fishing and going to the beach, people gravitate toward lakefront homes because they want or have a boat of their own. Your property should have a dock or some sort of storage for personal boats and related equipment. It should be a good, sturdy dock that is easy to access.

Remember, every waterfront community has its own set of boating rules. Be sure to check what types of watercraft are allowed and prohibited, especially if you’re building a boathouse. You don’t want to invest in a huge boathouse only for larger watercraft to be prohibited.

An outdoor bar

Take your hosting skills to another level by constructing a small outdoor bar near or on your deck. Much like an indoor bar, an outdoor bar should feature a classic bar counter with a few stools. It doesn’t need to be elaborate. Simple is best, and you can always decorate it depending on the occasion.

Energy-efficient fixtures

Eco-friendly homes sell better than homes without energy-efficient fixtures, especially since they cut down utility and energy costs. An energy-efficient lakefront home is the ideal. Not only is the home nestled among nature but it’s also equipped with features that conserve and protect nature. Implement energy-efficient fixtures into your lakefront home, such as a smart thermostat, LED bulbs, energy-efficient appliances, low-flow fixtures, and ceiling fans.


Don’t neglect the exterior of your home. While ensuring that the lake view is unobstructed by greenery is important, the rest of your terrain is just as important. Trim and manicure your shrubbery, cut down overgrown grass, pluck out weeds and undesirable plants, and remove trees that may become hazards during inclement weather. Your front lawn is the first thing people will see when they view your home, so you want to make a good, lasting impression.

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